About us

Facts regarding Chalmers Baroque Ensemble – to give You a clearer view of our music society

What is Chalmers Baroque Ensemble?

Chalmers Baroque Ensemble is the oldest, and problably the only, Swedish student orchestra that plays symphonical music. Our motto is "Music to Behold" and through vivid interpretations of the Classical masterpieces we expand the concept of Student orchestral music.

When the Ensemble isn't rehearsing, the members enjoy their society premise Holt, in which - amongst other activities - a few parties takes place.

Chalmers Baroque Ensemble gives concerts, and the audience is usually students of all grades. From time to time theEnsemble tour through Sweden, giving quite a few concerts. The Ensemble also perform at festivals, such as SOF/STORK in Linköping/Uppsala och Lundakarnevalen in Lund.

Orchestral setting:

The Ensemble plays all instruments that can commonly be found in a symphony orchestra and several other more specialized instruments build by the ensemble..


Chalmers Baroque Ensemble plays, despite its name, very little baroque music. The repertoire consists of the masterpieces of Classical music, arranged with all kinds of other music in musical medleys, which definitely can be named baroque. (Baroque in the meaning of extravagant, complex, or bizarre).

Student Orchestra?

What is a student orchestra and in what ways does it differ from "normal" orchestras?

The Swedish National Encyclopedia defines Student Orchestra as follows: Music Corps or Big band consisting of active or former University students, playing a repertoire dominated by humoristic arrangements of well known pieces, presented with remarkable joy in playing."

Riks-SMASK (Sveriges Musicerande Akademikers Samarbetande Kåorkestrar) defines the concept as: "A humoristic, disrespectful form of music, mostly performed by academic societies, focusing on the true joy of playing rather than the musical equilibrium."